Monday, July 15, 2013

July Artists Synchroblog - Morning Bird or Night Owl?

The Artists Synchroblog is a group of bloggers who post on the same topic on odd months and on even months we take on a Pinterest Challenge where we each take inspiration from a Pinterest picture, creating something (art, a meal, a DIY project, etc) and then posting about it. You can read more about the Artists Synchroblog here

This month's topic:
Which are you - a Morning Bird or a Night Owl?  

Do you roll out of bed in the morning rip roaring and ready to go? Or do you stumble eyes shut to the coffee pot growling at anyone in your way?
Are you in bed before the sun goes down? Or do you burn the midnight oil?

This is a tougher question than one might think.  I tend to be a night owl, if given the chance, but when I am working a regular job, I definitely get more done in the morning.  Strange.

As far as jewelry goes, I can really only work in the afternoons or at night.  I live with other people and have to be considerate of their schedules.  Also, I am on the 2nd floor of the house so I can't bang around too much.

So, I guess the answer is:  Yes!  I am a Morning Bird and a Night Owl.

Here is what I have been working on (in the afternoons and at night):

These rings are larger than my normal stacking rings and I hope they attract more attention.  They are really substantial and I like them even better.

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