Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple Design Jewelry--The Brand

The time has come, I need to devise a branding strategy.   I have been using a half decent picture of a stack of rings for my logo, but I don't feel it conveys the image I want to present.  The name Simple Design is exactly what I want to provide.  I am not personally fond of "fussy" designs, which, I suppose, is why the stacking rings appeal to me.  I would like my logo to show:
  1. The simplicity of my designs.
  2. My love of color.
  3. The beauty of my jewelry.
  4. Of course, the logo must also be attractive, meaning pleasing to the eye and able to attract attention.
I don't have the money to hire someone to create this logo for me, so I am trying to come up with something myself, but I don't really know how to "design a logo".

Yesterday I heard through one of my Facebook groups that Vistaprint was having a 50% off sale, so I decided to have a look.  I chose one of their stock images and ordered 500 business cards for $12.50. Heck of a deal!  This is what I chose, and I really like it.

This will work wonderfully until I find someone to help me design a custom logo.

I have been busy with sales lately.  January was my best month ever on Etsy, but February is looking to be even better! I even had a sale on ArtFire! I have also been getting some wonderful feedback from my buyers.  Their kind words make me feel good about my design and fabrication skills and my skill improvement.  

I'm finally getting into a rhythm with working full time and still creating jewelry.  It's kind of funny because at work all I can think of is what I want to do when I get home, but when I get home I'm usually so tired from work that I don't do anything.  I have decided to work at least one night a week, even if it is just finishing something up or cleaning my workbench.  On weekends I get all my orders completed and try to work on something new.

Now I just need to take the time to photograph and list the new items I have! Here's an example:
Sterling Silver Bulls-eye Earrings

Green Agate Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

Sorry for the small pictures, but they were taken with my cell phone and get really fuzzy if I enlarge them.

I''m trying to set a week night to work on the blog as well, since it has been woefully neglected, but I'm not making any promises.

Until next time...